Our Origins

Who We Are?

What started out as a friend invitation to their informative event in the early 2000’s to understand more of how through natural aromatherapy and essential oils can help improve our overall well being.

Like many consumers, The Essentials Oil Shop have used various brands of essential oils and is always on the look out for the most purest and most natural oils that have that potency.

We scour the many corners of the internet and finally found one brand that we are proud to bring the oil each individual human we touch. On this site, what you will find is the most purest, most tested and the most potent essential oils you can ever find. 

One drop on your palm is the mother earth gift to you. 

Our Vision

To provide the most natural, most potent and the most pure to essential oil to you.

Our Mission

To bring the brand we trust to each individual household.

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