doTerra Salon Essentials Healthy Hold Glaze


doTerra Healthy Hold Glaze is your essential companion for protecting, nourishing, and fortified for smooth, shiny hair. Not only that, it provides thermal protection and protein-rich nanoparticles that work to improved moisture and softness.

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doTerra Healthy Hold Glaze 120mL Benefits

It is an all-in-one flexible-hold styling aid that protects, nourishes, and fortifies for smooth, shiny hair. It uses CPTG® essential oils to protect, enrich, moisturise, and soften the hair, no matter the length, color, or style. In addition to safe, natural ingredients, it gives your hair with a light, flexible hold, rather than weighing you down with a thick, oily residue.

  • When you want to tame wild hair, but don’t like the feeling of thick hair products that weigh down your beautiful tresses, it provides a light, flexible hold that will keep your hair just where you want it. Creating the perfect, soft style throughout the day.
  • No need to stress about the toll that sunlight or blow-drying takes on your hair, it gives that heat-activated conditioning and thermal protection to keep your hair safe.
  • With protein-rich nanoparticles designed to promote improved moisture and softness in hair, it can provide immediate smoothing, conditioning, and shine for bland or dull hair.

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Directions For Use

Apply to clean, damp hair by dispensing a small amount into hands and working product through hair to evenly disperse. Style as desired. May also be used on dry hair prior to using a heated styling tool.


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