Arborvitae Benefits

Arborvitae Benefits And Uses

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Arborvitae (also known as tree of life) tress can live for over 800 years or more and that’s why they got the name of “Tree of Life.”And it blends well with cedarwood, frankincense and birch. When use topically and aromatically, it can change your emotional balance from overzealous to composed.

Arborvitae Benefits

  • Antiviral
  • Antifungal
  • Antibacterial
  • Stimulant

Arborvitae Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

For Fungal Issues
– Apply to the bottoms of feet or areas you need.

Common Viruses
– Apply aborvitae essential oil to bottom of both feets.

Warts and Cold Sores
– Apply to affected area frequently.

Respiratory Issues
– Apply arborvitae essential oil to chest with carrier oil.

– Diffuse or spray arborvitae essential oil to the area you want to repel insects and bugs.

– Apply to bottom of the feet.

– Apply under nose and back of neck to fully stimulate your body systems and awareness.

– Apply to bottoms of both feet or spine with carrier oil. May spray diluted in water on surface. May also diffuse to kill airborne pathogens.

– Apply with Lavender essential oil over the desired area.

Natural Sunscreen
– Diffuse together with Helichrysum or Lavender essential oil to protect against sun exposure.

– Diffuse to enhance state of calmness and spiritual awareness.

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